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What is Shared Web Hosting?

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is a hosting rental service specifically for website hosting. If you are looking for web hosting to deploy and operate your website at a reasonable cost, with stability and moderate quality, TotHost's shared web hosting is the choice for you.

Price List Of TOT Shared Web Hosting

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Comparison table of shared web hosting and vps


 Shared web hostingCloud VPS


Limited, due to having to share with many other shared web hosting accounts.
Website can use all VPS resources.
PerformanceJust enough for websites with average traffic.
Good overall performance, not affected by other websites.
Limitations due to using shared resources with many other accounts.
Easy to upgrade to web scale. With Cloud VPS TotHost, upgrading only takes a few minutes.
AdministrationEasy to manage. Limited administrative rights on your shared hotsing package.
Full control of virtual private server. Need basic server administration skills.
Security breaches are likely to occur. One shared hosting user experiencing problems can affect other websites.
Better security through powerful built-in VPS safety features.


This is the most economical web hosting option. Because the total server cost is shared among many people.
Moderate cost, suitable for web hosting needs that require safety and high performance.

TOT Shared Web Hosting - Why Should Choose?

TOT Shared Web Hosting - Why Should Choose?

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