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How to buy TotHost service and payment frequently asked questions



Guide to buy TotHost VPS SSD, VDC, shared web hosting and frequently asked questions about payment processing.

Mục lục

Mục lục

1. Guide to buy TotHost VPS SSD, VDC, shared web hosting

  • Step 1: Choose the service(s) on your demand at TotHost CloudGate portal.
  • Step 2: Depend on each particular service, you would need to select relevant options (billing circle, system operation, server location, add-on); and click “Continue”.
  • Step 3: Check the order, adjust the quantity of products you want to buy, enter the promotion code (if any) and click "Check out".If you have not logged-in to your account, you would be asked to sign-in/sign-up, fill in the infomation fields and log in to the account to proceed the next steps.
  • Step 4: Complete the payment. Your service would be activated within several minutes and the service information would be sent to your email.

Note: For TOT VDC, the service would be initialize and ready to use after 1 - 3 hours.

2. Frequently asked questions about payment processing

2.1. Accepted forms of payment at TotHost

You can choose to pay for your order through many different methods. Including: TotHost Balance (TotHost balance) or international / domestic payment gateways (Wire transfer, MoMo, credit card, debit card, international payment card VISA / Master Card, Alipay and PayPal). See details at TotHost's payment methods.

2.2. TotHost account balance (Credit Balance)

+ Can I pay for an order using TotHost account balance?
You can completely pay (partially or fully) your TotHost service purchase bills with TotHost Balance. At the payment step, you just need to select the "Credit Apply" button to use this balance. See instructions on how to top up and use your TotHost account balance.

+ How to know how much money is in your TotHost account: In the upper left corner of the Tot CloudGate portal screen, click on the flag image with the text "Notification". See more How to check TotHost account balance.

2.3. How to pay for multiple orders at the same time

Select Billing on the menu bar and select "My Invoices". Then you click the "Pay All" button and proceed to pay as usual.

2.4. Can I pay for service renewal before it is due?

Currently, TotHost has updated a new feature that allows you to proactively renew your current services early. You just need to select "Renew Service" in the "Services" tab on the menu bar of the TOT CloudGate portal. See more information at How to renew TotHost service early.

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