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Invite your friends to use TOTHOST VPS and receive commission up to 15% and $4 in cash adding into your affiliate account right after you registered.

Mục lục

Mục lục

1. Share TotHost VPS - Get more income

Joining in TotHost Affiliate program, you would collaborate with TotHost in person, share your affiliate link and recieve income:

  • Receive $4 as an Affiliate Bonus Deposit
  • Commission 15% for every new VPS TOT K or TOT M purchased
  • Minimum sales threshold before payout: $20

2. Become a TotHost Affiliate now

How to become a TotHost Affiliate


3. Affiliate program policies

This Affiliate program is for

All TotHost customers are welcomed to apply.

To have a TotHost account, please sign up here: https://billing.tothost.vn/register.php

Commission policies

  • Receive $4 after activating Affiliate Account
  • Table of commission rates:
ServiceCommission rate
  • TotHost pays a commission based on the revenue generated from the visits from your affiliate link. Tracking your affiliate income at: https://billing.tothost.vn/affiliates.php
  • One (01) day after the referral order is successfully paid, the commission will be added to the affiliate account.
  • Pay one time commission. Does not apply to renewal.

Payment Policy

  • Minimum sales threshold before payout: $20
  • Payout Methods: TotHost balance or transfer depended on the withdrawal request
  • Refuse to pay commision in the following cases:
    • Customers register for multiple accounts and affiliate themselves for their own accounts.
    • Customers register wrong information (incorrect information or fake information).

How does cookie work?

Cookie duration is 30 days. In cookie lifetime, cookie is only overwritten by other affiliate link:

  • Customers click through the affiliate link for the first time but have not made a purchase. Within 30 days after that, the customer returns to purchase through TotHost's advertisement, the result will still be counted to the affiliate (provided Cookie is valid).
  • Record orders and calculate commission for the last channel to reach customers before making a purchase: When a customer clicks through many different Affiliate links, the commission will be added to the last affiliate link the customer clicked before making a purchase.


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