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TOTRIUMPH: Special Days - Special VPS Deal



To celebrate Vietnam’s Victory and Labour Day, TotHost is launching a hot deal for all our close friends: Flat 25% off for all VPS (including new purchases and renewals). Use the code TOTRIUMPH now!

Mục lục

Mục lục

1. TOTRIUMPH event details

Event name: TOTRIUMP: Special Days - Special Deal

Period: From 29 April - 03 May 2024

Applied services: All orders to renew or buy new VPS TOT K and VPS TOT M (except TOT M11 7 days and TOT M12 7 days)

Applicable subjects: All customers who have ever purchased TotHost service

Promotional content: During the event, you will receive a 25% discount on the value of new purchase or renewal of VPS packages TOT K, TOT M when applying code TOTRIUMPH.


2. How to get 25% TOTRIUMPH discount

After logging in your TotHost account at the TotHost CloudGate portal, follow these steps to receive the 25%++ discount:

  • For newly purchased VPS: Choose VPS on your demand. When checking-out, enter the TOTRIUMPH code in the Promo Code box and press the Apply button. Click the Checkout button and select the appropriate payment gateway.
  • For VPS renewal: Send a ticket to TOT Support with the content: TOTRIUMPH and information of the VPS(s) you want to renew. TOT Support Team will help you create a renewal application with a promotional code, you just need to pay as usual.
  • Tips for optimizing TOTRIUMPH code:
    > Tip 1: Add as many VPS as possible in your cart because the code can only be used once.
    > Tip 2: Buy with a long billing cilce: You will receive an additional 5% - 15% discount when purchasing quarterly/half-yearly/yearly.
    > Tip 3: Review TotHost on Google Review to get a $2 bonus.



  • The program only applies to customers who have purchased TotHost's services. For new users, please check the HITOT program to receive a 20% discount code.
  • Learn how to use TotHost promo codes and other instructions in the User Guide section.
  • Promotion code can only be used once
  • The program is not convertible to cash
  • Not applicable concurrently with other promotions which are not mentioned.

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