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Guide to: remote & login VPS on Computer



Remote VPS allows you to easily log in to your VPS on your computer and use the operating system, maintain the system remotely, just over the internet. So how do you remote and log in to VPS? Let's find out how to remote into Linux server and Windows server in the following article.

Mục lục

Mục lục

1. Information to know before remote VPS

1.1. What operating system does your VPS use?

For each operating system (OS - Operation System) of the VPS, you will need to use a specific tool to remote from your computer/phone to the VPS. Specifically:

  • Windows server: Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)
  • Linux server: openSSH, putty, mobaxterm,…

The installation and usage of each tool will be instructed by Tot below.

1.2. Connect information

To connect to a VPS, you need to know the following information:

  • IP server
  • Account username and password
  • Connection port: By default, the connection port will be 22 (Linux) and 3389 (Windows). Some VPS providers may change the default port information to ensure information security. For example, in TotHost's TOT M, the port is 4433.

Tot will send this connection information to your email, so please check your email to get all the necessary data.

2. How to remote VPS

2.1. Remote Windows Server via RDC

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) is a built-in tool on your computer, so you can use it directly without downloading or installing anything.

  • To open RDC, press Windows + S, type "remote," and click on "Remote Desktop Connection."
  • Enter the server information. If there is a port change, add :<port_number>
Remote Win server bằng RDC
Sử dụng RDC để remote Win server

2.2. Remote accessing Linux servers with OpenSSH, Putty, or MobaXterm

2.2.1. Using openSSH

Currently, newer versions of this tool have been integrated into PowerShell in Windows. If you use Terminal, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings, select Apps, then choose Optional Features.
  • Check the list to see if OpenSSH is installed. If not, select Add a feature, then:
    • Find OpenSSH Client and select Install.
    • Find OpenSSH Server and select Install.
    • Finally, go back to Apps and Optional Features to ensure that OpenSSH is in the list.

To connect and access the VPS, use the following command:

ssh <username>@<IP_server>-p<port_number>
  • username is the account name used for SSH.
  • IP_server is the IP address you want to SSH into.
  • port_number is the port used for SSH (fill 4433 if you are using TotHost's TOT M). For more information on changing the port, refer to here.
remote vps linux bằng openssh
Remote VPS Linux bằng openSSH

2.2.2. Using Putty

PuTTY is a widely used free tool.

  • Download it from https://www.putty.org/
  • Enter the necessary information in the control panel. Note: In the Port field, enter 4433 if you are using TotHost's TOT M VPS.
Remote VPS Linux bằng PuTTY
Remote VPS Linux bằng PuTTY

2.2.3. Using MobaXterm

This tool integrates multiple functions to facilitate the processing.

  • You can download it from https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/
  • Similar to openSSH, use the command: ssh <username>@<IP_server>-p<port_number> to remote into the VPS. (<port_number> fill 4433 if you are using Tot M VPS.)
remote vps linux bằng MobXterm
Remote VPS Linux bằng MobXterm

After completing the above steps, you will be able to access the VPS and use it normally.

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