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Guide to using SSH Key on MobaXterm



Usually, when connecting to a server, you use a password for SSH access to the VPS, but sometimes this may not provide adequate security. Therefore, you may consider using SSH Key as an additional security layer. This article from Tothost will guide you on creating an SSH Key and using it on MobaXterm.

Mục lục

Mục lục

1. SSH Key Introduction

An SSH Key is a method of authenticating with a server using SSH by comparing a pair of keys, which consists of a private key and a corresponding public key.

Read more about SSH: What is SSH? How to use SSH and how to change SSH port

2. Guide on Creating an SSH Key for VPS TOT K

Here, Tothost will provide you with instructions on how to create an SSH Key through the VPS TOT K package's management panel. Once you have successfully subscribed to the VPS K package on https://billing.tothost.vn/, follow these steps to generate an SSH Key for accessing the service:

  • Step 1: Click on Open Control Paneto access the service administration panel.
Nhấn vào Open Control Panel để truy cập Panel quản trị dịch vụ.
  • Step 2: Click SSH Keys > Add Keys
Chọn SSH Keys > Add Keys

You can give your SSH Key a custom name. Then choose Generate Key Pair, configure the settings and click Generate to create.

Đặt tên SSH Key

After generating the key, the panel will appear as follows:

Generate Key
  • Step 3: Your Key will be displayed, including the Public Key and Private Key. Copy the Private Key to your notes. *Note: save it as a .ppk file extension.
  • Step 4: Initiate your VPS and select the SSH Key.
Tạo thành công SSH Key

Congratulations, you have successfully created an SSH Key in the VPS K administration panel of Tothost.

3. Using the SSH Key in MobaXterm

All you need to do is open MobaXterm, select Session > SSH > Fill in VPS Information > check the option Private Key > Add file key.

Here, you should add the Private Key file with the .ppk extension that you saved, then click OK.

Using the SSH Key in MobaXterm

This way, Tothost has guided you on how to complete the SSH Key setup on VPS TOT K.


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